Songs of Love

After the resurrected Son returned to heaven and offered himself to the Father as a sacrifice for our sins, the Father shared His spirit, His kind of life, with those on earth who loved and believed in His Son.

In the millennia before Pentecost, God granted certain individuals a taste of His kind of life, but He never shared it with them. If He had done that, those individuals would have been completely transformed into new and holy creatures, but the Father was reserving for His beloved, hidden Son the honor of delivering humans from their sinful nature.

There is coming a time when the children of God will be revealed for who they are. Until then, however, the existence on earth of a race of holy creatures will remain as unbelievable to this world as was the existence of the Son when that revelation was made. “The reason the world doesn’t know you,” John wrote, “is because it didn’t know him”.